Purchase the 2nd Generation ROSbots Kit

ROSbots Kit - V2.0

The ROSbots kit (V2.0) includes:

  • Main 3-level chassis platforms
  • Wheels
  • High Torque Geared Motors (with Wires Pre-Soldered)
  • Rear Caster
  • Breadboard
  • Wheel Encoder / Speed Sensor Kit
  • Motor Driver Module
  • Arduino-Compatible UNO Board + USB Cord
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module + Mount Kit
  • USB-Micro Breakout Board**
  • All the Screws, Nuts, Stand-offs, Wires Needed
  • Open-Source Software to Get Your ROSbots Kit Running with ROS and OpenCV.
* Until we find an economical supplier for the following, it will be cheaper for you to purchase separately: ** Soldering required for these parts
Where's ROSbots V1.0?
ROSbots V1.0 has been retired. For instructions on how to build it, refer to the build link above.


ROSbots is created by Jack Pien, a Maker who loves robotics, computer vision, and inspiring, being inspired by other Makers. When he's not tweaking ROSbots, he's teaching kids robotics, electronics, and coding over at EEME.

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Please reach out: hi@rosbots.com